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Five Follow Fridays:

You know on Fridays when people #hashtag #FollowFridays #FF and list 140 characters of Twitter accounts and you're wondering what is so great about that account/blog? Well I am taking this to the next level and telling you WHY you should follow my suggestions #ProveIt 
Five #FF
(in alphabetical order because "no particular" is just chaotic)
Supal of Chevrons & Eclairs
{Image c/o chevronsandeclairs}
Why You Should Follow Supal:
  1. Great Graphic Designs: She has a great eye for layout. When I read her blog, I feel like I am flipping through a scrapbook. 
  2. Mix: Her blog is a mix of fashion, design, cuisine, and the arts. She is always switching it up the topic while keeping a great eye for design as an anchor. 
Cait Emma of Flightless Bird
{Image c/o CaitEmma.com}
Cait is a photographer and graduate student working on her M.A. in English Literature. She is also a great friend and sorority sister of mine. You should follow her because:
  1. Professional Photographer: Her blog is a showcase of beautiful photography. She has an eye for detailed shots and often abstracts objects from their function to make a statement. Her work speaks.
  2. Healthy + Affordable Bites: Who does not love looking at images of food? She has been posting recipes that focus on small, heathy portions while remaining quick and affordable.
  3. She Writes Well: I can't deal with repetitive grammar mistakes. Fear not, Cait understands the difference between You're & Your and Than & Then. She has an energetic tone/voice in her writing which is hard to accomplish at a young age. Props. 

Katherine of La Petite Marmoset 
{Image c/o LaPetiteMarmoset}
I had the pleasure of meeting Katherine on Monday night at a CapFabb event. She is the owner of  LPMVintage, a company that sells reconstructed vintage pieces. Aside from being adorably charming, you should follow her because:
  1. Vintage Store is a Gold Mine: Her online vintage store has unique pieces for very affordable prices. Why wear something that is mass produced when you can wear something that is one of a kind? I'd rather pay $60-$150 for a dress that is customized than $60-$150 on a dress that other people will have. Duh!
  2. Great Photographs: She has a ton of stunningly beautiful looks on her blog. That girl is always switching her shoot locations up and pushing her work to the next level.
  3. One-of-a-Kind Style: All of her looks make a statement. She has a unique look and wardrobe to accompany it. 
Juley of SwankHeights
{Image c/o SwankHeights}
I had to include my favorite Nola blogger. In most of her posts, I can tell you where she took the pictures and it makes me super home sick. Love that city... You should follower Juley because:
  1. Approachable Style: She is stylish while remaining realistic. She knows how to pair statement pieces without going over the top. 
  2. Clean Layout/Quality Work: This is a no brainer but the more I delve into the blogger, the more I appreciate quality blogs. Her outfit post have quality pictures, good links, and a clean layout. Sold!
  3. Alma Mater: I have to give a shout to a Loyola University grad <3
Yola of YolaThorp.com
{Image c/o YolaThorp.com}
You should follow her because:
  1. Pro Quality Photographs: I definitely appreciate a blogger who knows how to compose a good photograph. 
  2. Killer Style: Loving her hat selection, sequins, and jazzy flats! I really wish I could pull said off like she can. She looks adorable in every post. 
  3. She is absolutely beautiful: She can't look bad in anything so every post is great. What more can you ask for?

I hope you check out these fabulous bloggers. Does anyone else have any suggestions of blogs I should follow? Have a fab Friday!


  1. Aww thank you so much Abbs! Such a great post, I miss you so much :0)


  2. im in love with the purple blazer..
    I'm so glad i found your blog, im loving all your photos! congrats, im your new follower ;) come visit my little place too, and if you like it you can follow me back :)

  3. you are the sweetest! Great post and great, inspirational selection! Can't wait to share with my readers :) xo.

  4. Awww - thanks for the info. I love these bloggers too, I read theirs as well as your blog everyday and love gathering inspirations from each and every one of you guys.

    Can't wait to read about the 4 fun facts from you ;) Have a great weekend dear.

  5. haha, so true.. and SO weird because I just sent out a #FF with your handle! You read my mind... i was just thinking of something like this. Enjoy your weekend!

    xo everything-pretty.com

  6. Great post! Yola rocks... already a follower of her blog, glad she's getting more exposure! :)



  7. Great picks! These women are all incredibly talented.


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